About Me - Clare Rowntree

About Me

I have always been interested in travelling and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds.

Years of practising medicine as a GP, followed by my own experience of illness have given me an awareness that we’re all on a unique journey, doing our best to find a way through on our own bumpy journeys, with depths of hidden stories behind our façades. It is this awareness that gives me an approach to my photography, which in turn is a catalyst for some wonderful adventures and human encounters.

Through the medium of photography I have been able to cross cultural and language barriers and connect with people from very different backgrounds to my own, often being privileged enough to be invited into their homes and share a glimpse into their lifestyles.

I am often humbled by the ordinary people I meet leading extraordinary lives, sometimes in very challenging circumstances, and photography enables me to tell their stories and bring the perspective of understanding other peoples' lives to a wider audience.

Perhaps through my experiences as a doctor I have always been interested in meeting elderly people and hearing their stories. Travelling to remote places, I have witnessed how rapidly cultures are changing and traditions are being lost. We are currently experiencing a moment in history where the rate of change is greater than ever before as we embark on the technological age, and it is our generation who have the unique opportunity to hear and document living histories and use photography to provide a lasting link with the past in a fast changing world.

Although the focus of my photograph is mainly people based, and the stories behind the people, I do also sometimes stray into other areas, so the odd landscape shot or nature image might ectopically appear on this site too.

Behind the scenes

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